Why Service your Car?

Regular Servicing 

Ensures continued performance and reliability from your vehicle and helps maintain its value and reduce overall maintenance costs.

Regular car servicing & inspections can detect minor problems, which can be easily sorted out before they become a major problem. Clean engine oil is very important as it is the engines lifeblood.

One of the big risks of not servicing your car regularly is the potential for oil sludge build up in your engine. Oil sludge is caused by the breakdown of over stressed oil. Oil sludge restricts the flow of oil through oil galleries, preventing proper lubrication of major engine components.

Fuel economy & engine performance are also adversely affected when variable valve timing components are compromised by oil sludge build up.

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Coopers Plains Car Care will perform a comprehensive service & inspection of your vehicle and provide you with an honest appraisal of the condition of your vehicle so you are aware of urgent repairs required and others, which require monitoring.

We promise you the cost of servicing and repairs will be fair and reasonable and we will always contact you for approval of any additional repairs.

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Our services

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Our Repairs

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