Safe T Stop Brake Reports

Safe T Stop Reports

Our state of the art SAFE T STOP test equipment performs numerous tests and supplies a detailed report on these following vital safety items:

Maximum brake force on each wheel in Newton

Left to right brake imbalances on each axle in %

Left to right weight imbalances on each axle in Kg

Alignment/drag evaluation on each axle

Brake pedal force in Newtons

Brake drag on each wheel in Newtons

Deceleration on each axle in %

Photo proof of test results with time and date

This printed report is stored in our dedicated computer so we can recall it later if need be. Our customers love the clear explanation on the report, which they can keep, knowing their vehicle is safe when it leaves our workshop.

A suspension test and weighbridge are also available. The suspension test report gives you an indication of ride quality from firm to soft, and the weighbridge gives you corner weights and axle weights plus individual weights on each wheel.