common rail diesel

Diesel engine technology has made huge advancements in recent years with the introduction of common rail diesel engine systems. Common rail diesel engines utilise fuel pressures of up to 40,000psi which is injected through electronic fuel injectors, controlled by an electronic management system.

Common rail diesel engine advantages

  •    improved fuel economy
  •    increased engine power
  •    lower exhaust emissions
  •    reduced noise
  •    vastly improved performance
  •    increased engine torque at lower rpm

Servicing common rail diesel engines

Specialist knowledge and equipment is required for the diagnosis and repair of this technologically advanced fuel system. Unfortunately every vehicle manufacturers system has it’s problems. Some of these problems are easily fixed, while others can lead to major engine damage if not repaired in time. Our future trained technicians are able to test and repair all common rail diesel systems to ensure they are running correctly and supplying optimum power & economy.

If your vehicle is

  • Lacking power
  • Blowing smoke
  • Loud knocking on start up
  • Using excessive fuel
  • Idling poorly

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