In the quest to gain more power and better fuel economy from todays passenger cars & 4wd’s, manufacturers are now more commonly fitting turbo chargers to their vehicles. A simple explanation of how a turbo charger works is that exhaust gases leaving the engine rotate a turbine which is connected to another turbine which compresses the intake air and forces more air into the engine which creates extra power. The turbo charger operates at extremely high speeds & temperatures.

Our modern service centre can perform:

  • Turbo charger maintenance
  • Turbo charger repairs
  • Turbo charger replacements
  • Electronic control system diagnostic and repairs
  • Turbo timers
  • Inter cooler cleaning
  • Inter cooler repairs/ replacements
  • Exhaust repairs


It is vitally important to maintain these engines regularly using high quality lubricants to ensure a long service life of these expensive components.

Our Future trained technicians are able to diagnose & repair these forced induction systems.

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