Most car manufactures today inform us that the automatic transmission in our cars are ’filled for life’ on the assembly line and will never need servicing, but from our experience this is far from the truth. The fluid in an automatic transmission is its  lifeblood. It depends on it to operate efficiently over its life time and to ignore it is to risk damage to the transmission and possibly expensive repairs. Some transmissions cost over $10,000 to rebuild!  So make sure that your car any Automatic transmission repairs that it needs.

The best automatic transmission repairs for Archerfield, Sunnybank, Salisbury and many more suburbs.

Automatic transmission repairs are needed as fluid breaks down over time, and with high temperatures its efficiency and service life is reduced. Most transmission problems start from overheating- for example; heavy load use such as towing, continuous stop and go traffic in hot weather and off road driving will cause the transmission to overheat. At higher temperatures the transmission fluid oxides, losing its lubrications qualities and leaving deposits all over the inside of the transmission.

If you check the automatic transmission fluid in an overheated transmission it would be dark and dirty, with a strong burnt smell. Exposed to the heat, the rubber seals and o-rings become hard and brittle. Varnish also builds up on metal components causing valves to stick. Sooner or later this will result in transmission failure. We recommend for peace of mind, servicing your auto transmission every 40,000- 50,000km.  Automatic transmission repairs should be done as required.

Today’s modern transmissions are computer controlled and contain many electronic solenoids and sensors. Our technicians are able to diagnose if your problem is an electronic issue, or hydraulic or mechanical problem.

Our service centre can perform a standard auto transmission service or a full auto transmission flush service.

Auto transmission flush service.

When your auto fluid is in poor condition (burnt and discoloured) we highly recommend a full auto transmission flush service.

Our technicians initially add a flush treatment to the transmission before road testing. This treatment breaks down sludge and varnish build up inside the transmission and suspends the contaminants in the old fluid.

We then hook up our flushing station and fully flush out the old fluid whilst adding new auto fluid to replace it. A seal rejuvenation treatment is also added to help soften hard seals and o-rings to revitalise them and improve their performance.

We have solved many shift and performance problems with this process, which has saved our customers having to pay for expensive transmission rebuilds.

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We will let you know if you require any automatic transmission repairs.

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