Why waste your money regasing your air conditioning system without first testing for leaks or other problems.

We may be able to repair you’re A/c system for cheaper than a regas.

We firstly need to determine why you’re A/c system isn’t operating efficiently.

This is achieved by doing a comprehensive diagnostic service which incudes:

-          System performance test

-          Check of electrical systems operation

-          A/c compressor clutch operation

-          Adding test gas if system is low or out of gas and electronic leak testing of system

-          Visual inspection of accessible components

-          Check condition of A/c cabin filter if fitted

-          Static & operating pressure checks

-          Scan testing of late model HVAC systems as required.

 Cost of a diagnostic check is only $66.00

Only if the A/c system passes the diagnostic check will we proceed to regas you’re A/c system.  (It is illegal to regas a system with a known leak)

  • Full A/c system regas  $169.00

Our fully licenced and trained technicians will perform a comprehensive A/c system regas using the correct refrigerant for your system


  • Removal of any remaining old refrigerant
  • Perform deep vacuum evacuation of system for a minimum of 30mins to remove all moisture from system.
  • (Moisture will damage internal components & reduce system performance & life span)
  • Regas A/c system using the correct refrigerant and adding a leak detecting dye to save you money & time in finding any leaks that may occur in the future
  • Perform final pressure & performance test of A/c system

(Be aware that there are cheaper/incorrect refrigerants being used by some businesses which will cause major damage to you’re A/c system in the long run)


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